But why CA?

Updated: Jan 3

From YouTube videos depicting the super cool life of an commerce student to everyone saying how easy commerce is, only those who study CA knows how hard it is. The same goes with almost everything right? Things always look easy from a third person’s perspective, only the one who does the job knows how hard it is. Still when you ask a carted accountant, he will definitely say its worth the struggle. Working hard like a mad during the three year article ship to clear each and every exam, those who pursue CA never really complained about it.

But what exactly is CA?

CA is the short form that is used for Chartered Accountancy. In India, CA education and the practice of it is maintained by the ICAI. ICAI stands for The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India. The ICAI is responsible for the maintenance and quality of the CA course delivered in India.

As a chartered accountant you'll give advice, audit accounts and provide trustworthy information about financial records. This might involve financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery and insolvency, or accounting systems and processes.

Did you know that Chartered accountants were the first accountants to form a professional accounting body, initially established in Scotland in 1854 ?

Now that you know what exactly CA is, this takes us to the main question why CA?

Here are few amazing reasons why you should choose CA,

  1. First and foremost is that this is one of the secure profession with a stable salary.

  2. Almost all companies, irrespective of their size and the sector they operate in, need financial professionals and that is you a charted accountant.

  3. Chartered Accountants are also among the most highly-paid professionals in India.

  4. Work from home option and working at the destination you love definitely comes handy when you are an chattered accountant.

  5. You can do your own taxes jokes apart, you don’t really need to excel your exams, passing the exam is more than sufficient to become an excellent charted accountant. Still no one stops you from excelling your exams.

At times it can seem like the pressure is on from family, friends and teachers who – out of the goodness of their hearts – want to help guide us in the right direction. The people that love and care about us are intrigued to know who we will become in this world and what our plans are for life after high school. Irrespective of what others say, its your life and you are going to live it like they say think before you ink, think at the all available options and what's best for you before you start.

These are our reasons on why you should choose CA, look on more information related to it, talk with the CA aspirants and passed outs, get a clear idea and go for it. All the best for your future endeavors.

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